Porsche electrification strategy.

My parents rented a Tesla for a trip from Charlotte, NC to Columbia, SC last week.  They charged for free at the hotel overnight and spent exactly $0 on charging during their trip.  Where you at ICE owners?

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“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

-Warren Buffett

More Electric Porsche

Porsche’s electrification strategy is to have 80% of its portfolio be electric by 2030 and includes an:

  • Electric Macan
  • Electric 718
  • Electric Cayenne
  • A secret electric SUV above the Cayenne

Porsche has also set ambitious sustainability targets, with the goal of achieving a net carbon-neutral value chain for its vehicles by 2030. Future BEV models will have a net carbon-neutral use phase, based on an expected total mileage of 200,000 kilometers per vehicle.

In Other EV News

  • The RZ 450e has been introduced by Lexus, its first globally available, all-electric vehicle. The RZ is priced starting at $59,650 MSRP. Additionally, Lexus aims to offer 100% BEVs globally by 2035 to contribute to a carbon-neutral society.
  • (Update)Mississippi Governor signs bill banning direct in-person sales of EVs. Hmmmm….
  • A Tesla Model S Plaid with the company’s new Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit was tested on a track and set a record for street-legal cars on non-semi-slick tires with a time of 1:33.610.
  • A tweak?  Rivian and Amazon have reportedly been engaging in discussions with regard to a potential adjustment of the exclusivity clause in their agreement concerning electric delivery vans.

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