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Learn about who we are and what drives us.


We focus on helping electric and autonomous vehicle clients hire the best people through our industry and product-specific staffing expertise.


We help our clients change the future of transportation through innovative technological advancements, environmental sustainability, and increased safety. By providing and developing THE best possible talent, we further our client’s mission, offer our employees meaningful work, and help change lives for the better.

Core Values

We put the client 1st. Always. The client relationship is at the heart of what we do. We represent our clients. We are an extension of them. We take this seriously and it impacts every other value we hold. We demonstrate this ethos through open communication, responsiveness, and adaptability.

We believe in developing partnerships with clients and candidates. We are not transactional. We are here for the long term. We demonstrate this partnership philosophy in our communication, our accessibility, and our timeliness. We are here when you need us.

This foundational principle drives our recruiting process. We are industry, product, culture, and job position experts who understand what makes a great candidate. We will not waste our clients’ time with candidates who are not a fit. We believe every candidate we present is hirable and a future asset to our client’s team. We take pride in our work, and this is reflected in the level of attention we put into every search, every communication, and every educational program.

We are car people. It is that simple. We love EV and autonomous technology and we stay abreast of new innovations, technology developments, and industry trends. We contribute to this industry through our weekly newsletter, client partnerships, and educational programs. Not only do we have a passion for our industry, but we also contribute to its evolution.

Our Story

Growing up we always loved cars and entrepreneurship (thanks Mom and Dad). We always knew we wanted to follow these passions but never thought we’d end up in the electric and autonomous vehicle industry, it simply wasn’t at the forefront of the industry 20, 10, or really even 5 years ago. As the industry started to change we realized that there was a void that the legacy companies in our space were completely missing and we decided to fill it ourselves. After spending an enormous amount of time putting together the foundation for what is now EPG, we decided to formally launch in Denver, Colorado in early 2018. Our main goal was to help automotive companies build great products through testing but due to restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic, we made a major shift in 2020 and decided to focus strictly on staffing, recruitment, and education. This shift became a blessing in disguise and has helped us grow like never before. Today we love working with our electric and autonomous partners across North America to build the best possible automotive technology.



Joe Rooney

Joe holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of South Carolina. In his role at EPG, he is able to combine his passion for automobiles, engineering knowledge, and recruiting expertise to help clients hire the best people within the industry. He enjoys the satisfaction of helping clients fill critical job openings while at the same time helping candidates find their dream job. Joe resides in Denver, Colorado, and is passionate about sports, cars, and the great outdoors.

John Rooney

John holds a real estate and management degree from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. He has 10+ years of experience in customer relations & management, business development, data management, and more at one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms. He makes the proverbial wheels spin from behind the scenes at EPG and makes sure that things are running smoothly. John is a lifelong automobile enthusiast that enjoys a good beer and fresh powder on the slopes.

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