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In an article published by McKinsey and Company and authored by Hauke Engel, Russell Hensley, Stefan Knupfer, and Shivika Sahdev, the potential impact of EVs on the energy grid is explored. According to the article, “McKinsey analysis suggests the projected growth in e-mobility will not drive substantial increases in total electrical-grid power demand in the near to midterm, thus limiting the need for new electricity-generation capacity during that period.” Using data from Germany as an example they project that power demand may only increase by 1 percent by the year 2030 and roughly 4 percent by 2050.

The author goes on the suggest potential ways to reduce the load on the grid. Including providing incentives for EV owners to charge at particular times of the day when the load is typically lower, deploying localized energy storage units, and “using a small combined heat-and-power plant.”

Read the original report below:

The Potential Impact of Electric Vehicles on Global Energy Systems