ORNL Demonstrates 120kW Wireless Charging

In October, researchers within the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee demonstrated a 120kW wireless charger for vehicles. Previously, the folks at ORNL demonstrated a 20kW charger that is being adapted for real-world uses, but now they have created a new device that provides six times the power output at 97% efficiency.

To achieve this power output, the researchers “created a new coil design co-optimized with the latest silicon carbide power electronic devices for a lightweight, compact system.” The system takes energy from the grid and raises its frequency which then creates a magnetic field so it can be transferred via the air to a secondary coil and into the automobiles battery system. The associate laboratory director for Energy and Environmental Sciences, Moe Khaleel, stated that “this breakthrough significantly advances the technology needed to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles by increasing their range and the ease of recharging, and in turn supports an energy-efficient mobility system for the nation’s economic success.” The development puts the team one step closer to the DOE’s goal of 350 to 400kW chargers, and to having charging times that rival gasoline fill-up times.

For more information check out the original article posted on the ORNL website below.


ORNL demonstrates 120-kilowatt wireless charging for vehicles

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