Optimizing EV Performance in Lower Temperatures

Just like ICE vehicles, electric vehicles see a reduction in efficiency with the advent of colder temperatures. Here are some tips that will help keep your EV as efficient as possible while still keeping you warm.

Preheat Vehicle While Still Plugged In

Precondition your vehicle to heat the cabin while it is still plugged into the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). This will use energy from the grid to heat up the inside of the vehicle so that the system is less reliant on the onboard battery when it’s time to leave.

Schedule Your Charge Later

Instead of scheduling your vehicle to charge right when you plug it in at night, try to time it so your vehicle hits the desired state of charge (SOC) closer to when it’s time to leave. This will mean warmer internal battery temperatures and better performance. However, don’t forget to factor in that your battery will charge slower in colder temperatures.

Use Heated Seats

If at all possible, use your heated seats more than the HVAC system to keep warm. Heated seats use much less energy to warm you up than the HVAC system does to heat the cabin up.

Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

Whether an EV or not, it’s always a great idea to check that your tires are properly inflated as the weather cools down. Colder temperatures mean less air pressure.

About the Author: Parker Penn

Parker Penn
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