Benefits of Electrifying a Fleet

With amazing financial incentives available throughout the country, there has never been a better time to electrify a fleet of vehicles. A fleet containing anything from box trucks and transit vans to school buses and light-duty trucks can benefit greatly by converting over to electric. Below are just some of the reasons why making the switch can be so beneficial:

Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Costs

While electricity prices can vary from city to city, the cost per mile is drastically cheaper for electricity versus gasoline or diesel fuel. Due to fewer moving parts and fewer fluids, EVs require minimal maintenance and subsequently very little downtime. The brakes on an EV are even known to last much longer due to the assisted braking power from regenerative braking. In a study conducted by Columbia University, it was found that even though an electric bus may cost up to $300,000 more than a conventional diesel bus, savings can add up to $168,000 over a 12-year life cycle.

Zero Emissions

Electric vehicles emit absolutely no harmful gases or pollutants. According to the EPA “diesel exhaust contains small particles, known as fine particulate matter, as well as smog-forming and toxic air pollutants. Exposure to these pollutants is associated with increased frequency of childhood illnesses.” By switching to electric power vehicles, these adverse effects can be avoided altogether.

Reduced Noise

EVs produce virtually no noise when they are in use. This allows communities to remain undisturbed by loud diesel and gasoline vehicles.

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