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Electric Vehicle Testing

Our EV specialization helps you build the best vehicles.

The EPG Difference

Specialization          Passion          Location


Let EPG handle the planning, coordination, and execution of in-vehicle testing and validation, and let your engineers and management focus on more important tasks.


  • High Mileage Accumulation/Durability
  • Mountain Testing
  • Cold Weather Validation
  • Hot Weather Validation
  • Load
  • Towing
  • Tire
  • Charge
  • Motor
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
  • Installation Validation


  • Fleet Testing
  • Test Drivers
  • Route Planning
  • Test Site Planning
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Dispatch
  • Logistics Support
  • And More…


  • Mountains (Extreme Grades, High Altitude, etc.)
  • Cold Weather (Low Temperatures, Snow)
  • Hot Weather (High Temperatures)
  • Off-Road (Rock and Dirt Trails, Dust, Dunes, Streams, etc.)
  • City (Block to Block)
  • Highway


Saved Time & Money

Let your engineers focus on more important tasks, we’ll go out and gather the data you need.


Between our home base in Colorado and our partnerships nationwide, we can test anywhere you need.


We can test your vehicles in any location and scenario that you need, our flexibility is unmatched.

the numbers


50%+ less money spent by letting us execute in-vehicle testing versus your engineers and managers based on previous projects.

Our home base of Colorado is a 3-hour flight from the West and East coast, saving your team valuable travel time.

Whether it be closed course or public roads we are able to operate in all 50 states.


  • Proving Ground
  • Closed Track (Oval, Drag Strip, Road Course)
  • Nationwide Public Roads
  • Colorado (EPG HQ)
  • Nation and World Wide Per Clients Request

Vehicle Types

  • Passenger Vehicles (Car, Truck, SUV)
  • Medium Duty Trucks (Class 3-6, Shuttle, Vans)
  • Heavy Duty Trucks (Class 7-8, Bus, Semi)
  • Motorcycle
  • Autocycle
  • Personal Transportation (Bicycle, Scooter, etc.)


"EPG was able to meet our organization's development test needs. They were professional, able to travel to our facility, and good to work with. EPG staff had good intuition, gave effective technical feedback, and were trustworthy. We would recommend their services to others."

-Research and Development Engineer, Electric Vehicle Powertrain Manufacturer

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