Snow, Crashes, and a Bear 🐻

Snow, Crashes, and a Bear 🐻

Update on my son’s ATV adventure in the mountains: The weekend turned out better than expected, with only a few crashes but thankfully, no broken bones. We consider that a victory! Our electric rides together are awesome. Interestingly, there was a mid-June snowfall in the mountains, and we had the incredible opportunity to spot deer, a horse, a bear, and a couple of moose. It was truly a wild experience!

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“Your ups and downs in sports, I think they are as normal as daily life: One day you wake up and feel great, the next day you wake up and feel maybe less great.”

– Michael Schumacher

Manual Transmission?

Who is working on simulating a manual transmission for its EVs?

  1. Toyota
  2. BMW
  3. Ford
  4. Tesla

The answer is here.

Top 10ish News Stories

  1. Kia has begun delivering its flagship EV9 electric SUV in South Korea, with plans for it to be released in the US later this year.
  2. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, believes that the automaker’s market capitalization is closely linked to its ability to achieve autonomous driving, as he explained during a conversation with Antoine Arnault at the VivaTech conference in Paris, highlighting the potential high value of autonomy and the idea of Tesla vehicles becoming a fleet of self-driving robotaxis.
  3. In mid-October, an affordable electric car called the Citroën e-C3 will be unveiled by Stellantis. The e-C3 boasts a range of 198 miles, a 57-minute fast charging capability, and is expected to offer pre-bookings by the end of this year, with deliveries commencing in the second quarter of 2024.
  4. Stellantis has stopped delivering gas-only vehicles to 14 U.S. states in accordance with California’s vehicle emissions rules.
  5. Georgia is positioning itself as the “electric mobility capital of the country” by attracting electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers through incentives and job creation.
  6. The San Francisco Bay Area has become the first major metropolitan area in the United States where electric and hybrid cars make up 50% of new car sales, with electric and hybrid vehicles accounting for 53.1% of new car sales in April.
  7. TuSimple has completed China’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on public roads without human intervention, highlighting its ability to navigate complex road and weather conditions in urban and highway environments within the port area of Shanghai.

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