Mitsubishi and Challenge 2025

We took a road trip in the Lightning this past weekend.  This included a car show, snowboarding, and charging.  Some highlights:

  • Multiple other EVs at the car show on Saturday morning including a Hummer EV, Rivian R1S, and a Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • New ChargePoint charging station in Fairplay, CO with up to 360 kW of charging speeds.
  • Charging while snowboarding at Breckenridge next to a Rivian R1S (see image above).  It was only 7.3 kW, but it only cost $4.
  • 100 kW charging speed Frisco, CO.  The best part, for some reason it was free.

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Challenge 2025

Mitsubishi shared its three-year plan known as “Challenge 2025“. This plan has set out Mitsubishi’s corporate direction in reinforcing the company’s environmental commitment to achieve a carbon-neutral future. Under Challenge 2025, the next three-year mid-term plan will accelerate efforts toward a sustainable carbon-neutral future, made possible through a reduction of vehicle CO2 emissions by 40% and a reduction in operational CO2 by 50% by 2030. Mitsubishi also aims to make 50% of global sales electric by 2030, and then 100% of the fleet electrified by 2035. “Drive your Ambition”

In Other EV News

  • Deliveries of the $36,500 EV with 436 miles of range will start this month in the form of the P7i from XPeng.
  • Automakers are using a tax loophole to incentivize car shoppers to lease electric vehicles, which has become an unexpected boon for them. Automakers that own the leased electric vehicles can keep the commercial EV credit earned or pass it along to the customer through a lower monthly lease payment.
  • A report from Drive Electric Long Island has revealed that fully electric cars now outnumber plug-in hybrids on Long Island, with 61% of EVs being fully electric. The growth of EVs on Long Island is attributed to expanded charging infrastructure, increased awareness, and state and federal incentives, with 35,426 EVs registered as of December 31 and the number increasing to 37,652 in February.
  • Ford has resumed production of the F-150 Lightning as of March 13, 2023.

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