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It snowed again this week. Welcome to spring in Colorado. It could be hot or it could be snowing.

For the poll on Tuesday, 76% said they’d buy the Rivian R1T brand new. I guessed wrong on this. I guess Amazon hasn’t made everyone impatient.

Let’s go!

“There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do – and I believe that.”

-Derek Jeter

Pop Quiz

Who just took the #2 spot for all-electric vehicle sales in the US?

  1. Tesla
  2. Ford
  3. GM
  4. Stellantis

Check here for the answer.

More Auctions

Earlier this week, we discussed Bring a Trailer (BaT). Another auction site that has captured my attention is Cars & Bids. This platform also showcases impressive vehicles and serves as an excellent resource for market data. Analyzing the Rivian R1T data on Cars & Bids, similar to our examination of BaT, yields intriguing results. The inaugural R1T auction on Cars & Bids reached $138,000 in April 2022, while the most recent sale was for $77,500 on April 4th. The average price for the last 10 sales stands at $77,920. Here are some additional statistics:

  • A total of 80 Rivian R1Ts have been listed on Cars & Bids
  • 68 were successfully sold, while 9 failed to meet the reserve price, and 3 were canceled
  • The highest price paid was $138,000 and the lowest was $74,420
  • The average sold price is $96,375. That seems to be trending down as of late though.

Check our website for a full comparison of the R1T on BaT vs. Cars & Bids.

In other EV/AV News

  • Holy Sh#$! The Ram 1500 REV will have a package with a 229 kWh battery pack and a 500-mile range.
  • 110 new jobs in Pryor, OK for Canoo with a goal of 700 jobs by the end of the year.
  • Audi achieved a 37% YoY increase in BEV sales.
  • GWM plans to establish an EV charging network in Brazil through an exclusive partnership with local motor manufacturer WEG, providing chargers for consumers and dealerships.
  • Indonesia is offering value-added tax incentives for electric car and bus purchases from April to December 2023, aiming to boost investment and employment in the electric vehicle ecosystem. The incentives, which reduce VAT rates based on domestic component levels, are expected to exempt 35,862 electric cars and 138 electric buses from VAT this year.

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