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The EV Revolution

Sales continue to grow globally for EVs and the expectation is that this will continue at an accelerated pace. China is expected to have a 31% YoY growth and the EU is expected to have a 58% YoY growth with EV sales. Factors that are helping with growth include: lower battery costs and government incentives. The EU is considering a ban on internal combustion engines by 2025, China is pushing for a wholly electric industry by 2035, and Japan is phasing out internal combustion engines by mid-2030s. The future is ready for EVs.

Electric Vehicle News

  • The global EV Market is expected to be valued at $1,212 billion by 2027
  • California is adding an additional $2,500 rebate for the purchase or lease of an EV to low and moderate income households.
  • 200 MPH in an EV? The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is working with OEMs, race car builders and other companies to help progress EVs in the racing world.

Autonomous News

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