⚡The Ultimate Electric Driving Machine

⚡The Ultimate Electric Driving Machine

On Tuesday, we conducted a poll asking “If you own an EV, where do you mostly charge it?”. The results were clear: 90% of you charge your EVs at home. Roy had the best comment: “At home with solar”. That’s the dream. Now, let’s dive into the news.

“My legacy is that I stayed on course… from the beginning to the end, because I believed in something inside of me.”

– Tina Turner

0-60 MPH in the New 5 Series

BMW announced details of its new electric 5 series. One of the models, the i5 M60, does 0-60 mph how quickly?

  1. 3.7 seconds
  2. 4.2 second
  3. 5 seconds
  4. 2.3 seconds

The answer is here.

EV Charging 101

If you are a professional in the EV charging industry, you will not want to miss the EV Charging Summit. This virtual event, taking place on June 29-30, will cover a range of topics that are relevant to your field, such as how to secure financial incentives, how to advocate for sustainable transportation, and how to build meaningful networks.

You will also learn from successful enterprises how to turn EV charging stations into profitable investments, how to convert existing sites to EV-friendly ones, and how to foster innovation within your own organization. Register now and get ready to explore the EV Charging Summit!

Top Topics

  1. An all-electric version of the Cadillac Escalade, dubbed the “Escalade IQ,” will be released later this year by General Motors, as part of its plan to make Cadillac an electric vehicle brand by 2030.
  2. China-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from Tesla are now available for sale in Canada, according to the company’s website, which confirms the arrival of Tesla’s first shipments to North America from its Shanghai factory.
  3. Ford has announced several new deals to secure the supply of lithium products, including partnerships with Albemarle, Compass Minerals International, EnergySource Minerals, and Nemaska Lithium, in order to support its ambitious plan to significantly increase electric vehicle production in the coming years, aiming for a production rate of 2 million EVs per year by 2026.
  4. A multi-year strategic partnership between Waymo and Uber will bring Waymo’s autonomous vehicle technology to Uber’s ride-hail and delivery platform, giving Waymo access to more customers beyond its own app and enhancing the cooperation between Waymo Via and Uber Freight, with the first phase kicking off in the Metro Phoenix area later this year.
  5. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is testing an autonomous street sweeper system developed by Trombia, which runs on battery power and has the capacity to collect 3,000 pounds of debris, with plans to use it in Port Newark and potentially expand to local airports if successful.
  6. During an interview with CNBC last week, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, mentioned that the company’s Full Self-Driving system will soon reach a significant milestone comparable to the advancement of ChatGPT, expressing confidence in the eventual success of the technology despite previous delays in delivery timelines.

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