Manufacturers Develop EV Specific Tires

Some of the biggest names in the tire industry, Goodyear and Hankook, have developed tires specifically for electric vehicles. Tests performed by Goodyear revealed that traditional tires can wear “up to 30% faster on electric vehicles due to the powerful, instant torque from electric motors and the additional vehicle weight from heavy battery packs.” Additionally, EVs have much lower noise levels from their motors when compared to their ICE vehicle counterparts, this makes tire noise a much more noticeable issue that needs to be overcome.

Through EV specific research and testing, Goodyear and Hankook have developed tires that dampen noise, reduce wear from harsh acceleration, and improve rolling resistance. Hankook even went as far as using an “environment-friendly vegetable oil” mixed with resin to create an “Aqua Pine compound” in which parts of the tire will be made from. This is just another example of how EVs are helping to move the automotive industry forward.

Check out each manufacturers press release below:

Hankook Tire introduces second-generation electric vehicle tire, Kinergy AS EV

Goodyear Presents New Tire Technology Designed to Advance the Performance of Electric Vehicles

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