👑 EV King and Formula 1

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👑 EV King and Formula 1

Over the weekend, I enjoyed watching Formula E in Monaco and Formula 1 in Miami, as I’m a huge racing fan. Elon Musk was also present in Miami, and it seems I missed out on an invitation to join him. Musk engaged in conversations about the cutting-edge aero and battery technology used in F1 cars, even suggesting a pure EV vs gas/hybrid F1 race via a tweet. I wholeheartedly support this idea and extend Mobility EVo’s complete backing.

Let’s dive into some EV news!

“The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you? – It protects my head.”

– Kimi Raikkonen

Europe Electric

Who led the way in Europe with 1,089,854 electric vehicles on the road in 2022?

  1. Germany
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Norway

The answer is here.

Autonomous Poll Results

Last Thursday, we asked, “Would you ride in a fully autonomous vehicle with no safety driver?”  It was another fairly split poll with 53% saying ‘Yes’.  Below are some of the responses.

  • I believe this is the future and the software plus equipment are great.  It is time we start using it.
  • Not at first. I would need to see it perform first.
  • Not yet.
  • I will wait to see how the software and hardware mature over time.
  • Hopefully, I will live long enough to be able to give up my car and take a self-driving Uber to and from.

Our Top 10 EV News Stories

  1. Fisker Inc. announces the delivery of its first all-electric Ocean SUV to a customer in Copenhagen, Denmark, boasting a leading 440-mile range in the European market.
  2. Shell Germany and Volkswagen Group have partnered to launch the first Elli Flexpole 150 kW charging station at a Shell service station in Göttingen, featuring a unique battery storage system that enables low-voltage grid connections and accelerates the expansion of charging infrastructure.
  3. California is considering a bill that would require all EVs sold in the state by 2027 to have bidirectional charging capabilities, allowing them to power homes and the grid during blackouts.
  4. LEVC unveils its modular Space Oriented Architecture platform for EVs, co-developed with Geely Holding Group, aiming to optimize on-board space and target various sectors with new zero-emission mobility solutions. The platform enables customizable configurations, improved range, charging, safety, and connectivity, supporting LEVC’s transition from high-end taxi manufacturing to a global e-mobility provider.
  5. Faraday Future appoints Rich Schmidt as Vice President of Manufacturing, leveraging his 35 years of automotive industry experience to oversee production and development at the Hanford, CA plant, focusing on the FF 91 luxury EV.
  6. The Volkswagen Group has been actively implementing its BEV strategy, evidenced by a notable 42% YoY increase in deliveries during Q1 2023.
  7. The fifth-generation all-electric MINI Cooper Electric offers two power levels, a 186 to 248-mile range, and redefines the brand’s go-kart feeling, ensuring urban driving fun for the future.

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