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Electric Vehicle Recruitment Services

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We are 100% focused on helping electric and autonomous vehicle clients hire the best people through our industry and product-specific staffing expertise!

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    Electric Vehicle Staffing And Recruitment Services

    We specialize in sourcing top-notch engineers, managers, technicians, and other professionals specifically tailored for your electric vehicle (EV) team. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the EV and automotive industry, we possess a profound understanding of the qualifications and attributes required to identify the perfect candidates for your organization.

    Autonomous Vehicle Staffing And Recruiting Services

    Our team of experienced recruiters can help you find the best engineers, designers, managers, and more for your AV team. We have a deep understanding of the autonomous vehicle industry and we know what it takes to find the right people for the job.


    How Do Our Partners Feel?

    “After struggling with underperforming agencies, our research led us to EPG and their focus on the expanding EV industry. I was encouraged after watching the meticulous process in how candidates are selected and presented to us with a high level of experience. EPG has created a team of specialized recruiters that focus on your exact requirements and supply highly qualified professionals for interviews. EPG quickly became our main source for all levels of employment, including senior management. I have referred EPG to many other manufacturers in our industry and will count on them for future support.”

    - Vice President of Electric Vehicle Partner

    “EPG has helped us build a great field technician team by creating a strong pipeline of candidates that includes engineers, technicians, and operators. They’re plugged into the transportation market and have proven to be effective on searches immediately, allowing us to spend more time on our business. We enjoy working with EPG and would highly recommend them.”

    - COO of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Partner

    “EPG was referred to me and despite my skepticism having worked with less than stellar recruiters in the past, the experience with Joe and the whole EPG has been top-notch. EPG did a wonderful job of actually listening to my specific requirements, not just in job experience but in the nuanced things as well. Because of this EPG has been able to provide top tier candidates which not only suited my needs but exceeded them. If you are looking for specific needs in AV recruiting I would highly recommend Joe and EPG, they are motivated, they listen and they are great to work with.”

    - Director of Operations of Autonomous Vehicle Partner

    “The EPG team approached our challenge as a partner from the very first engagement. EPG demonstrated this partnership by being more than a search engine for people as we hunted the right candidate for a newly defined role. EPG’s support was appreciated as we challenged the wish list of what a candidate needed to be and helped to crystalize it into what was needed to find our “golden egg”. Hiring teams that are struggling to find the perfect candidate for senior experts and leaders would benefit from EPGs approach to characterizing candidates and candid feedback on how to pivot the search when needed to be successful in a timely manner.”

    - Innovation Manager of EV Manufacturing Client

    “For several months we had difficulty filling a critical new management position within our electrification division, so I turned to EPG for their EV recruiting expertise. Within one week of our initial intake conversation, EPG presented us with their first candidate, who ultimately proved to be the person who was hired for the role. EPG’s deep understanding of the EV industry and their ability to identify top talent saved me time and allowed us to find the right person for the job. I highly recommend EPG to anyone looking for top-notch EV recruiting services.”

    - Senior Manager of Electrification Client

    “Our search for an EV-specialized recruiting firm led us to EPG, and we couldn’t have been more impressed. Within a short timeframe, EPG presented us with a pool of highly qualified candidates, exceeding our expectations. Initially, we intended to hire only one candidate, but the exceptional talent EPG presented compelled us to expand our hiring plans, ultimately bringing on two of their shortlisted individuals. EPG’s in-depth knowledge of the EV industry and our specific hiring needs proved invaluable in streamlining the recruitment process and minimizing our time spent on candidate interviews. We wholeheartedly recommend EPG to anyone seeking top-notch EV recruiting services characterized by clear communication and exceptional results.”

    - HR Business Partner of Electrification Client

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